UK Ranked Fourth Best Country to Invest In

31st May 2016

Britain has been rated one of the best nations in the world to invest in residential property. With a ranking of fourth place the industrial nation was beaten only by the US, UAE and Singapore.

Britain’s heavy lack of housing has worked in the country’s favour, as potential investors have become more interested to the county housing market. Research by Savills shows that “Britain is now rated after only the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore as the most appealing place on the planet for those seeking a return on rents.” The UK’s property market is one of the most lucrative in the world for investors. Its increasing populace, dependable economy and remarkable housing market increase over recent years have fortified its position in the Top 5 investment scenes worldwide. 

Yolande Barnes, director of Savills world research, said: “It is vital that investors understand the long-term demographic, economic and supply-side drivers of demand – and therefore sustainable value – when making investment decisions. These can be different at national and local level” all of which help heighten the property market.

“When a growing population, growing affluence and limited housing or land supply converge, we would anticipate real house price growth.

“The absence of one or more of these variables can stall a housing market and the absence of two or more can send property values downward.” 

With such high investment forecasts and a steady economy the UK has proven itself as a lucrative country for residential investments. In addition, the popularity of buy-to-let investments has increased greatly. July 2015 saw a 33% rise in the quantity of buy-to-let loans from July 2014. Coupled with the low yields and instability of other investment prospects, more and more people are opting for the tangible brick and mortar alternative.

UK Ranked Fourth Best Country to Invest In